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What is Open Banking?

In 2016, the Competition and Markets Authority (UK) published a report about banking that came to the realization that banking concentration can be detrimental both in terms of systemic risk, but also competition.

Ok – BUT what does it mean in practical terms for financial institutions, businesses and for customers?

Open Banking is a banking model that seemingly makes it possible to create custom services that will ultimately increase consumers’ welfare. But what does this mean to the entire banking ecosystem and its agents? What does this mean for, not only the customers, but for businesses and financial institutions?

Breaking Banks Europe

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Open Banking

Implementation across Europe

Risks and opportunities

when betting
on Open Banking

Open Banking has been designed to be safe and secure for customers. Every third-party provider enrolled in Open Banking is regulated by the FCA, or a European equivalent, and must comply with data protection laws. Every consumer’s data is encrypted and of their entire control.

Report Disruption Diaries:

Open Banking

Let’s talk openly.

Major financial institutions

using Open Banking in 2021

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