Embedded Finance

Newsletter #4

What is Embedded Finance?

Imagine having financial services smoothly ingrained in other, non financial, products or services.

Well that is exactly the point of embedded finance.

The sector is becoming more and more ingrained in our daily lives, building upon the fact that relations and trust are becoming paramount in today’s business world. Thanks to technological and regulatory advancements, non-financial actors can plug in their value chain financial services that would otherwise be in the domain of traditional players.

To which sectors does it apply?

Embedded finance was referred to as an “invisible layer” from our friends at Breaking Banks Europe, and it is so invisible that it’s difficult to grasp!

Any non-financial actor with a solid customer base and services that include financial activities, e.g. payments (sounds pretty wide, right?), should be interested in playing out an embedded finance strategy in order to take on more control of their value chain. Think technology companies, think energy companies, think telcos, and the list goes on…

A word from our Founder:

Francesca Aliverti

The Future of the Economy

The sector has been evolving rapidly and a few deals in 2020 have projected it into the spotlight, still, we believe the work from our friends at Anthemis published in 2019 remains among the most insightful and accessible should you want to know more
What is the future for traditional payment institutions?

Looking into our very special FTS crystal ball we can point out two main aspects which have been in the know for a while. First, financial institutions as a whole need to keep a close eye on their radar: these initiatives are still dwarfed by most traditional players but their agility and the potential pervasive adoption of embedded finance solutions could soon give them the chills. Second, collaboration is key – this is a trend that is maturing along all fintech verticals but here it is even more important as financial services are being weaved into a wider picture.


As the trend is accelerating there is plenty of interesting interviews such as this one by our friend Nigel Verdon of Railsbank, and comments, such as this one by Sophie Guibaud from OpenPayd, who you’ve already met discussing with us a few months ago!

But even more relevant in the same direction is how 2021 started with some good funding news, the most recent being Banxware, a German startup, raising $4M in its Seed round.

We also want this (NEW)sletter to have a space for our partners and sponsors who supported the acceleration of fintech ecosystems worldwide

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