Newsletter #5

What is Decentralized Finance?

Ever thought how a world without any financial intermediary would look like? Basically it’s what our friends in the Decentralized Finance world are exploring.

Rings a bell with cryptocurrencies? Well, of course. In short what Decentralized Finance players are trying to do is to eliminate the need of any third party to control or mediate financial actions of users. They are doing this by establishing an ecosystem of protocols that allow users to have full control and authority to manage all the financial activities they would normally be undertaking, from basic payments to complex loans.

A personal statement by our founder Matteo Rizzi

DeFi, COMO (Certainty Of Missing Out),and a brave new world

The Different degrees of Decentralization

A word from our Founder: Francesca Aliverti
Q3 Ethereum DeFi Report

A review and analysis of DeFi protocols and performance in Q3 2020 by ConsenSys Codefi

Heard the Breaking Banks Europe and are wondering what Lex Sokolin was talking about? Here is the Consensys report available for you.

A review and analysis of DeFi protocols and performance in Q3 2020 by ConsenSys Codefi.


What about a DeFi challenge? Chainlink is bringing us a Spring Hackathon on March 15th – April 11th to compete for over $80k in bounties by building smart contract applications using #Chainlink oracles. #BuildWithChainlink

We also want this (NEW)sletter to have a space for our partners and sponsors who supported the acceleration of fintech ecosystems worldwide

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Financial Inclusion – March 11st!

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