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newsletter #11

First of all – what exactly is a CTO and how does it leverage any business?

When we think about executive-level, commonly known as “C-level”, managers within a company we often tend to focus on the roles that are more so focused on the financial and operational aspect of the company, so much so that these are the ones with the most visibility in society. How many Wall Street-inspired movies are there in which the protagonist’s life goal is to get to the CEO position, right? Or at most, we hear about CFOs, COOs or even CIO when we talk about executive-level management. But how many of us have ever heard of a CTO? And what do they do?

How did the technology offices sector evolve? And how did its management evolve as well?

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the way companies interact with their staff, with smart working rates being on an all-time high, but the way they do business also has been forced to change like, for example, the software as a service (SaaS) boom with an estimated revenue of $105 billion in 2020 alone. But with this how have the corporate tech departments evolved with time?

Breaking Banks Europe

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The Global CTO Survey

The survey conducted by STXNext dives deep into several aspects of the CTO’s job, from tech stack choices through hiring tactics to their investment in self-development, for which, many CTOs decided to share their experiences. This allowed them to prepare a report that is representative and informative: the very first edition of their Global CTO Survey. Use it to inform your choices in the coming months.

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Events to look out for!

Since this newsletter is dedicated to CTOs and the Tech department of companies, we’d like to highlight these upcoming webinars on the basics of Reporting Software by Windward- an industry leading data-powered documentation generation platform for Enterprises, OEM/ISVs, & System Integrator- on the following dates:

We also want this newsletter to have a space for our partners and sponsors who supported the acceleration of FinTech ecosystems worldwide

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