Carbon Footprint

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What is the
“Carbon Footprint” ?

Simply put, it’s the impact that a certain activity has on the environment. We generally measure in terms of CO2 and associate it to a product or an event, or maybe an organization or a single person.

How is it related to Financial Services?

The issue has two key aspects, one regarding energy consumption due to technology and the other regarding investments.

Approximately 20% of energy consumption today comes from data centers and terminals, meaning all our devices. Twenty percent!

This is quite a conundrum, right? We need to increase our energy production to keep growth and technological progress going, while slashing on fossil fuels and CO2 in general.

At the same time, where is the money going? The financial services industry has a paramount role in these choices, meaning that ESG investments must become the norm – not only that, they must achieve greater transparency and horizontal regulation, because trust is what drives our sector and the current level is certainly not sufficient.

So, let’s get those green kicks on!

A word from our Founder

IBM 5 in 5

Every year IBM releases its’ list of 5 ways technology could radically change our lives in 5 years and this year is all about sustainability:


CO2 capturing technologies, able to transform it from the scourge of the environment into something useful and effectively slowing climate change


A revolution in nitrogen-fixing that will ensure a lower environmental impact of fertilizers while feeding the growing global population


New materials to make batteries safer and more environment-friendly, improving performance and the chances for more sustainable transportation


Semiconductors, the beating heart of digital technologies and a huge issue for the planet, with new materials and new design will come a new level of sustainability


On a different note, yet deeply related, the unprecedented amount of data and computational power, paired with analytics and AI can become an effective tool to respond to global life-threatening matters, starting from viruses

How to reduce your carbon footprint using FS – 3 tips and tricks

1. Invest

2. Invest

3. Invest

Seriously, ESG investments even happen to pay off better than traditional ones! Take them seriously, make a move. Truth is, the market is understanding that sustainable means future-proof, will you?
Also, why don’t you give a thought to smarter and more environmentally-friendly solutions for your business – from your service providers to basic operational choices, you can make a difference.


You remember one year ago when Blackrock announced that it was going to focus on climate change – well just yesterday Reclaim Finance and Urgewald released a report detailing how the world’s largest asset manager holds at least $85 billion in investments in coal companies, and those steps towards sustainability don’t seem to be going as announced.

Come on Larry, we know you can do better!

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