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First of all – what is cybersecurity?

With digitalization growing at an exponential level, especially right now due to the pandemic and its effects on pushing smart working into the center of workplace conversations due to its socially distant nature, there has also been growing concerns when it pertains to privacy and safety when navigating the digital space.

So – is the trend for cybersecurity to be fully dependent on artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a simulated version of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to mimic human behaviour and process information just like one as well.

HEY – Wanna hear some cool numbers on the adoption of AI through markets?

The boom that cybersecurity has been seeing is not exclusive to the cybersecurity market. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) analysts, the spread of COVID-19 will lead to explosive growth in spending on artificial intelligence in the world, who announced their forecast on April 9, 2020.

How about some policy and regulation around this supported by the European Comission?

The digital space is a new territory for all of us. So, trying to navigate the ethics and legality of certain aspects of said space tends to be difficult, because since it was something never done before, it lacks legal constraints. That is why the internet for so long was considered a “no man’s land”, for if something happened to you on the internet, there was very little judicial support you could get.

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A begginer’s guide to conversational AI

In AMELIA’s report published Feb 1st this year, A Beginner’s Guide to Conversational AI, they provide points of consideration for companies pursuing a near- or long-term technology strategy that includes the use of Conversational AI solutions and Digital Employees.

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